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BELT+TAPE...moving products


Haul-Off belt | Wrapper Belt | Spiral-Core-Winding-Belt

02 /FLAT/DRIVE Belts

Flatbelt | Drivebelt | Maschinetape

03 /CONVEYOR Belts

Conveyor belt | with guided and carry profile

04 /WEAR Protection
Naturalrubber roles and cuttings | Dust sealin | Wear protection



Haul-Off Belts

For producers of cable, wire and plastic profiles as well as manufacturers of take-offs

Wrapper/WInding Belts

For winding up tape steel rolls (coils) in metal sheet processing or cold rolling mills

Spiral-Core-Winding Belts

For producers of Paper cores and tubes

Additional Coatings

To optimize functionality and lifetime

Flat- and Drive Belts

For power transmission, transport and/or as machinetape to cope with complex requirements with outstanding Lifetime 

Conveyor Belts

For the transport of products and goods  in a multitude of application areas, in numerous designs, provided with a Profiles and/or additional coatings, guarantee you optimum application results.




A young, innovative company with experienced heads from the drivebelt and conveyor technology.

Long-term, practical and application oriented experience values guarantee economic efficiency, quality and optimum operational safety of our products.

We offer demand-optimized solutions, qualified advice and a competent customer Service


The technically specific selection and production, the products adapted to the application range, in combination with the use of innovative, high-quality raw materials that are tuned to your requirements.

Expert advice, to increase the efficiency of your production processes, in combination with optimum service life.


Coatings in varying hardness, as well as tensile carriers with different strengths, are among the manufacturing possibilities.

The connection-free and typesetting production, allows the use with smallest deflections and guarantees an identical execution of pairs of belts.

The use of optimized coatings, achieving low roll resistances and profiling ensure a flawless straight running and/or required product properties




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