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NATURALRUBBER linning, coating

Thanks to the positive physical properties of our RuDex natural rubber qualities, these minimum abrasion values, high tensile strength, maximum UV resistance, excellent cutting strength and damping values, as well as good elasticity and Deformation stability. Due to these positive properties, a wide range of application areas can be obtained, in which the use of RuDex materials, long life times and low downtime are possible.

We manufacture rolls in lengths of up to 24 meters, widths of approx. 1.400 mm and thicknesses from 1.6 to 25 mm. Blanks according to specifications, our portfolio as well as seals and blanks produced in the waterjet process

TSTbelt | RuDex

DUST SEALIN Machine Construction, Conveyor Systems

  • Dust creates increased wear on machine equipment, accelerates corrosion, impairs occupational safety and is therefore also harmful for employees. By the use of RUDEX dust sealing systems, the resulting dust in production processes is limited or completely prevented, and this also leads to a minimization of noise pollution.

  • Clamping strips, corner, dust sealing cloth and corresponding pictures are part of our product range and can be installed easily for stock and replanted plants. In the case of stationary, moving or in the connection area between the two types of plants, the dust development is spatially limited and the investment in a dust sealing system pays off quickly due to reduced downtime and maintenance work.

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