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FLAT/DRIVE Belts Powerful transmission

High performance in many sectors of industry flat and drive belts are used, for actuators with force-fit power transmission, as spindle or tangential belts in the textile industry, folding or conveyor belts in the processing of paper/cardboard and as Machine tape in printers or letter sorting systems. Various reinforcement strength, application-specific one - or two-sided coating and this custom built. We offer the best product for your Needs.

FOLT/CONVEYOR Belts | MASCHINE Tapes Complex Processes

Belts take over important tasks in complex manufacturing processes. The transportation, the positioning of products or folding cardboard or paper, require the use of highly wear-resistant materials. Using this, ensures a constant functionality to the wear limit. The use of appropriate tension members, guarantees long service life even in extreme bending frequency and strong deformation of the bands. If endless manufactured with resealable fasteners and/or produced with perforations or cuts, our range offers the right product for your application.

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